Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blogger Stephen Gardner's latest sketch

Visited Stephen Gardner's blog today...he does some great work. Please visit his site, "Sketch of the Day"

Here is his most recent post.

What I like is that he tries to post his drawing as often as possible. I may not be able to do a sketch a day like he I will start a bit conservative and try to do a sketch a week.

Today is veterans day and I have the day off.

I am reading Dan Brown's latest book "The Lost Symbol". He makes me curious with his many references, Albrecht Durer as an example. So I did a google search of the engraving below and came across a large jpeg in a blogger's site. Whom had an interesting entry about making life simple so I posted it. See my entry of "10 Simple Rules for Living My Life" Back to Dan Brown's book. He makes reference to Albrecht Durer's symbols in the engraving Melancolia I which leads to another blogger, Theodor Pavlopoulis' The Peacock Tail and a interpretation of images form the Durer engraving and the golden ratio. Makes for some interesting reading, but makes me feel like there is so much to learn in this world and so much we do not know. Mysteries as well as reality.

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