Monday, May 4, 2009

Brand blogs and design

I continue to be atracted to designer blogs as well as blogs that deal with branding. I've listed some in my links section. I found this one, Blog oMotives, particularly appealing. I would not take the risk of rating it, make your own judgement.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wall Animation and Chalk Animation

I had read about this film by BLU and recently stumbled upon it while viewing some films on Vimeo. His work is, in my estimation, amazing! Partly becuase I can imagine the amount of work it took to do - including prep, pre-drawings, procurring a crew, location scouting, working around and with the contstraints of other peoples schedules. The list goes on, non the less a daunting task in terms of production. Beautiful work I must say. I really do not know much about this artist, he has a website called BLUBLU and he post a fair amount of Walls he has done as well as Videos.

I've also posted a video below that that was done on chalkboards. To me very fluid

The short film by Blu produced approximately a year ago.

an ambiguous animation painted on public walls.
Made in Buenos Aires and in Baden (fantoche)

music by Andrea Martignoni
produced by Mercurio Film
assistant: Sibe

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

This film was done in a circular space on chalkboards... I believe there is a mention in the comment section on how long it took to film. I like it mainly besause of its fluidity (yea..that's a word). The music is ethereal; just the way I like it.

Firekites - AUTUMN STORY - chalk animation from Lucinda Schreiber on Vimeo.