Friday, March 20, 2009

Orange drawing

Below is a drawing I recently did of an orange given to me by Charles, it's the first time I posted any of my work. I did this drawing with a very limited palette, could not find my colored pencils so I had to make do. Since then I have found them out in the garage where I thought they were.

My sketchpad is a Moleskine and I've been drawing in it since the end of January. I plan to keep drawing the orange until it withers to... well what ever oranges wither to.

Still reading Wicked. The screenplay is formulating , but I am not allowing it to take dominance until I finish the book. I'm still thinking it will be about a child that gets to go to the theater where his father works.

Done traveling for now. It was fun, I got to go to many different cities. Cleveland, Columbus, Louisville, Cincinnati, West Palm Beach, Dayton, Kalamazoo, Indianapolis, Port St. Lucie and Chicago. Wish I had taken adventure photos at each one. Though nothing spectacular happened other than the experience of seeing all those places. I do have some cool images which I will post eventually. I promise to myself that I will work on the images and post them in chronological order.

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