Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cityview - painted August 6, 2011

First painting from the Southside near the 10th street bridge. I set my goal to complete within two hours. I am very happy with this second effort -I posted this image earlier, but wanted to stack it up with my recent projects. A painting from Chicago appears below it.

Cityview from 10th Street bridge - Southside Pittsburgh

This is from one of my favorite views of Pittsburgh. Just about any view from across the Mon is great.

Oak Brook golf course 18th hole

This opaque watercolor painting is the first one I've done since I started doing pastels and skteches. I was in Chicago for work (PNC Financial Services) and new I would have some free time before the meeting began. I decided to take my paints and gave myself two hours to do a painting. Pretty happy with the results, the reproduction here is not great, but the color reproduction is fairly accurate. The image itself is slightly soft.

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