Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pittsburgh from the 10th Street bridge

Decided to make the time to sit and paint a view of Pittsburgh I drew almost a year ago. Drove to the South Side of Pittsburgh and parked near the bridge. As I strolled toward the west I came across a set of steps that led to the Monongahela river and there was a place to sit with this view of the city.

Watercolors - I tried to go opaque, but in order to work fast I had to make some compromises. My goal was to complete the painting within 40 minutes.


  1. Well done. Reminds me of Edward Hopper's watercolors.

  2. HI Cody - I see that as an enormous compliment. Trying to keep my feet on the ground. I must admit I need a lesson on committed constant production. Thanks for your comment.