Monday, October 12, 2009

Hot Banana pepper

I've drawn 3 peppers so far as well as the small grouping I posted around September 27. I finally broke down and purchased a new back pack. Not exactly what I was looking for, but most important it is very sturdy.

Not sure what will be next, I am thinking about letting the peppers dry and shrivel and then perhaps draw them again. I'm getting ready to go to Chicago and will probably draw people at the airport again. Love doing that - makes me feel good to look back at the drawings. Remembering the people, the things they did while I drew them, as well as their nuances while I secretly observed them.

Finished reading my spy between interest right now. Not Sure if I want to read fiction or non-fiction.

I did buy some new colored pencils and am looking for something new. I want to be able to apply lighter colors over dark colors and not sure what medium to use.

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