Saturday, February 14, 2009

February 14, 2009

I have been traveling quite a bit since I started this blog. Still trying to be inspired. Using facebook to keep in touch with the kids. Posting images of my travels. I'll post some of the travel shots here soon.
Came across some pretty cool stuff, the two videos I posted below are one example. The first post today is the something called "Fifty people, One Question: New York". The second post is also a short film called "blue and yellow". I got curious about the guy that filmed it and did the post production work, who is Mike Landry. He produced another short film for a contest sponsored by Adobe's: "See What's Possible" campaign. I really like his submission, "The Experiment" ; very fluid. Done in black and white and a great soundtrack. Unfortunately he only got Honorable Mention, which ain't bad considering the number entries.

The Experiment .................... Explore ;Grand Prize winner
Animators: Chris Kelly,.......... Animator: 3 Wagons Deep

Mike Landry, Colin Trenter

I think the home page for the campaign is well done. love the quick Flash banner, very creative and colorful, using simple geometric shapes. There are a number of entries to the contest, the home pages leads you to the winners with specific links to each and a gallery of submissions page so you can watch all of them.

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